The Garden

“I believe this garden has the potential to not just rival the best gardens out there, but to greatly exceed the vast majority of them. This doesn’t start with the much abused and over-used expression of a desire to have a “world-class” garden. Instead it comes from a more heartfelt, prehaps more modest vision of a garden that is of its time and locale — one that communicates its research and education mission through the poetry of place-based design rather than the stilted prose of chock-a-block over-programmed mini Disneys. You have already set forth the right tenor to create such a lyrical challenge to the dull mediocrity of those everyday public gardens. We would be honored to collaborate with you toward these higher expectations.”

Warren Byrd,
Nelson/Byrd Landscape Architects


From Traverse City, take US 31 to 3 Mile Road. Turn south on 3 Mile Road to Vanderlip Road. Go 1/8 mile east on Vanderlip Road. Look for Garden site sign.